Adventures in Voice (AIV)

NEXT COURSE: January 26-27, 2019

Our Adventures In Voice (AIV) seminar will be available January 26-27, 2019.  Full details and pricing are in this PDF available for downloading.  Registration Deadline:  January 23, 2019.

AIV is a two-day webinar introducing a novel voice therapy for children with voice problems due to a range of pathologies.  This program (AIV) represents a significant departure from traditional models of pediatric voice therapy, in that the ultimate goal is to train children to vocalize loudly (when needed) — safely.  The program is also a significant departure from typical speech/voice therapy models in the U.S. in that it uses the traditional “Skinnerian” model of “reinforcement” sparingly, and with caution, focusing instead on intrinsic “rewards” for healthy voice use.  Day 1 of this seminar describes basic voice science underlying the approach, whereas Day 3 is “practical,” introducing AIV therapy methods step by step.



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Please note:  The course manual must be purchased separately:  Since this offering is Webinar only, attendees  will have to order manuals directly from Plural Publishing:

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There are two ways to register for this seminar:

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