About The Courses

Below are the courses that we currently offer along with their descriptions.  Click the link in each description to register for the course.

Voice Therapy Spectrum – LMRVT “plus”

Voice Therapy Spectrum (VTS):  A two-day seminar, offered in both webinar and face-to face formats, describing a framework within which to understand a range of voice therapies from perspectives of biomechanics, biology, learning, and patient adherence.  Day 1 of this course addresses basic voice science for these parameters in relation to voice.  Day 2 addresses step-by-step instructions in Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy (LMRVT) and Casper-Stone Confidential Flow Therapy (CSCFT).  The seminar also provides instruction on personalized voice therapies, “in the moment,” for individual learners, using basic science principles.  Together, all of these approaches to voice therapy  represent a departure from traditional approaches, in that they appeal to basic voice science indicating that some forms of voice use may be even more therapeutic than voice rest for vocal fold injury, and that even loud voice may be safely trained.  The course emphasizes both Evidence-Based Medicine as well as the scientific foundations for drawing on intuition and creativity in the therapeutic process.  Register and pay for this course on the Voice Therapy Spectrum Registration Page.

Adventures in Voice

Adventures in Voice:  A two-day seminar, offered in both webinar and face-to-face formats, introducing a novel voice therapy for children with voice problems due to a range of pathologies.  This program (AIV) represents a significant departure from traditional models of pediatric voice therapy, in that the ultimate goal is to train children to vocalize loudly (when needed) — safely.  The program is also a significant departure from typical speech/voice therapy models in the U.S. in that it uses the traditional “Skinnerian” model of “reinforcement” sparingly, and with caution, focusing instead on intrinsic “rewards” for healthy voice use.  Day 1 of this seminar describes basic voice science underlying the approach, whereas Day 2 is “practical,” introducing AIV therapy methods step by step.  Register and pay for this course on the Adventures In Voice Registration Page.

Lessac Kinesensics

This course provides basic training in Lessac Kinesensics for application to speech-language pathology. The course is designed for SLP clinicians and clinicians in training, and is an abbreviated version of longer, more intensive courses offered for those seeking recognition as Lessac teachers for expanded applications.  Please go to the Lessac Kinesensics page for details, to see availability, and to register.