Supervision and Ethics

We are developing and offering a course for Supervision and a course for Ethics.  Both of these courses are free and simply require that you go through the brief registration at the bottom of the page for each course.  Additional information is available on the Supervision and Ethics PDF.

The page links are:

  1. Supervision Tools – This webinar addresses strategies to become familiar with developing skills necessary to be a clinical supervisor. Practical suggestions for different types of supervision and strategies will be presented. Cultural responsiveness to both students and patients is emphasized.
  2. Ethics – This course will present ethical dilemmas a therapist may encounter, including confidentiality concerns, billing, patient abandonment, conflict of interests, and employment concerns along with the best interest of the patient standard. Court cases will be examined and discussed about how ethical issues can be avoided. The course will define, examine, and provide solutions for ethical concerns.

Please click or tap each link to find out more and to sign up:

Supervision Tools