Adventures in Voice (AIV) 2.0

NEXT COURSE: March 8, March 9 and March 16, 2024

Our Adventures In Voice (AIV) Webinar will be available March 8, March 9 and March 16, 2024.  Full details and pricing are in this PDF available for downloading.

In April, we are again offering AIV and Voice Therapy Spectrum (VTS) as part of a joint Webinar.  You may sign up for either AIV or AIV and VTS in the sign up form and shopping cart below.  The downloadable PDF contains full details.  If you are a student seeking a student discount, please select the appropriate “Student” option on both the Registration form and the Shopping Cart.

AIV is a three-day Webinar introducing a novel voice therapy for children with voice problems due to a range of pathologies.  This program (AIV) represents a significant departure from traditional models of pediatric voice therapy, in that the ultimate goal is to train children to vocalize loudly (when needed) — safely.  The program is also a significant departure from typical speech/voice therapy models in the U.S. in that it uses the traditional “Skinnerian” model of “reinforcement” sparingly, and with caution, focusing instead on intrinsic “rewards” for healthy voice use.  Day 1 and 2 of this Webinar describes basic voice science underlying the approach, whereas Day 3 is “practical,” introducing AIV therapy methods step by step.

Since this is a joint Webinar for both AIV and Voice Therapy Spectrum (VTS), the AIV portions will be on March 8, March 9 and March 16, 2024.  Please see the PDF for full schedule details.

If you choose to attend both Webinars, please refer to the Voice Therapy Spectrum page for manual purchase.


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Dr. Verdolini Abbott is a salaried Professor at the University of Delaware. She also receives salary support from the National Institutes of Health for her research. She receives royalties for publications with Plural Publishing Company and the National Center for Voice and Speech. Rarely, she receives compensation for reviews of others’ scholarly work. She is given an honorarium for the presentation of her continuing education courses, including this one.


Dr. Verdolini Abbott serves as reviewer, editor, and associate editor for several publication entities. Dr. Verdolini Abbott is on the editorial board for several professional journals and has published numerous scholarly articles relevant to the course content.

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